Friday, February 20, 2015

Motivation to do schoolwork

Hey everyone,
so today I wanted to talk to you about how to motivate yourself to do you homework or learn for your tests or whatever it is that you currently don't want to do.

I don't know if what I'm going to write will help any of you. But the thing is that it really helps me to motivate myself when I want to procrastinate. Because everybody knows this feeling where we would rather watch the newest episode of our favourite TV show or just spend some time on the internet in general. But even though the deadline for your essay is still a week away you should maybe start to work on it earlier and not do it last minute.
So I collected some tips that help me but I don't know you so I don't know if they will help you

1. Remember that you have the RIGHT/CHANCE to go to school

Now you maybe think you have to go to school and you don't have a choice. But just remember that some people would love to go to school but they don't have a school where they live or they can't afford it.
All over the world there are so many kids that want to go to school and you have the opportunity to go to school. Maybe you say you already learned how to write, read and solve easy problems in math and what you learn now is totally unuseful.
All I want to say is that you should be happy that you are aled to go to school. If you always remember that maybe it helps you to do your work and push yourself to even better work.

2. If you REALLY work it doesn't take that long

I think at least one half of the people who read this sometimes think they are able to do more than one thing at a time. The truth is that your work is faster done if you stop to constantly check your messages or go downstairs every once in a while to get some food just because you don't want to do your homework. Trust me I know exactly how you feel. But just remember that if you get the work done faster and in a block you have more time left after that, wether you want to meet your friends or just watch some movies.

These are two things I always think about when I really don't want to do me work and I have to say that they helped me very well. I came up with this thougt some time ago and since that I started to do my work way more effective even though I spent less time working.

I really hope these thougts help you with your work for school. Just keep trying school is much more fun if you not always think about all the negative aspects.

Talk to you soon,

Norina xx

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Real Beauty

Hello everybody and thank you for visiting my blog.
Todays post is going to be really short but I wanted to get this out of my head:

Beauty is nothing one can see on the first look.
Beauty is not about your size or weight,
your lips, eyes, hips, nose, ears.
Beauty is something you can only see when you know someone.
It is on the inside
and I believe everybody has this beauty
even if it is deep down inside you.
That is what real beauty is all about.
That is the only beauty that matters.
Show your beauty,
your love, your happiness, your kindness,
care for others, make them smile,
be helpful and respect everybody.
Don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful
because I know that you are.

These are my thoughts on real beauty and I hope you share this idea. Please let me know your definition of beauty in the comments. I will talk to you soon (and hopefully I will have time for a longer post).

See you soon

Norina xx

Monday, February 9, 2015

Do more of what makes you happy (1)

Hello everybody,
in this series I will talk about different things that make different people happy.
What I want you to do is think about the things that make you happy. The things I will list in this series are all hings real people told me. Maybe they can inspire you and you can relate to them.
For this first post I asked one of my best friends what makes her happy and here's what she said.

1. Spending time with people that make me happy ➔ laughing, being silly, ...

2. Philosophize about life and the meaning of it with my parents after breakfast

3. Listening to music

4. Learning something new ➔ especially if it has to do with psychology

5. Doing sports (Taekwono, Dancing)

6. Riding my bike outside no matter what weather it is outside

7. Going to concerts

8. If we eat my favourite food

9. Thinking about the future ( What if...?; Who am I going to marry? etc. )

10. To get things done that were bothering me

So these are the ten things my friend told me that make her happy.
Do these things make you happy too?

No matter what makes you happy I want you to do more of it.
Do what you love and love what you do.
In my oipion it is good to know about things that myke you happy so you can try and do them more often.

I am going to post this lists every month and I would love to get you involved in it.
So if you want me to publish ten things that make you happy or that make you smile then send me an E-mail:

I'd really like to hear what makes you happy.
Maybe you guys have things in common.
Also talk to your family and your friends about it. Maybe we can make at least some people a little bit more happy.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed todays post and sorry that it is a bit late.

I will talk to you soon

Norina xx

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Homosexuality (1)

Hello again.

The topic of this blogpost is homosexuality so I think it is pretty obvious what I am going to write about.

But to those people who don't know what homosexuality is, it is lovig a person with the same gender. So boys love boys and girls love girls.
For a long time the situation for homosexuals was much worse in my opinion.
In some countries in the world same-sex marriage has already been granted for some years.
The first country to grant the marriage of two people of the same gender was the Netherlands in 2001. But still not all countries think this kind of marriage is right.
This is not the only problem.

Many people still don't get that homosexual people can't do anything about it. It's simple as that: Nobody is able to choose who he/she wants to love. You can't decide wether you fall in love with a boy or a girl.

Some people still think this kind of love is wrong. They think they have the right to bully the ones that they think are "different".
I always wonder what those bullies will do if they find out they are also gay or lesbian.

I know that media often talks about this topic and I probably can't change your opinion but I just wanted to tell you that it is ok to love whoever you want.
Maybe some people will tell you it is wrong or whatever. Honestly you should stop listening to them.
As the human rights say we are all equal no matter what.

I hope that you share my opinion and I just wanted to get this out of my head

Norina xx