Thursday, July 30, 2015

England Travel Diary #8 - Bath

Hello beautiful people,
today I went to Bath, which is a really beautiful old town. (Maybe it was even better because the weather was extremely good, but it would have been great anyways.)We didn't actually went to see the Roman Baths from the inside since it was pretty expensive, but we looked at them from the outside. They were really gorgeous and fitted well into the style of the city. One thing we noticed that there were musicians everywhere. There are a few places were there was alwys one at a time. And after some time they changed their places which seemed to be organized really well.

Right now I actually realize that we didn't do that much in Bath, but my mum and I went shopping for the first time here, so that costed us much time. We weren't just in the shops the whole time though but we also just walked through the streets looking at the buildings above the shops.

All in all we didn't really do that much in Bath or take that many photos, but I still wanted to give you everthing I had for a last little post. So this is it for my travel diary then.
I had a really nice time in England and I hope to come here again some time. The people here are lovely and very polite and I like the landscape very much. All of the towns and villages we visited were beautiful and there were wonderful cathedrals in almost every city. I really don't have anything negative I can say about England or the trip itself.

I hope you liked the diary (even though I wasn't abled to actually post everyday). Next month I will be there with new posts, which will probably be a bit more ambitious since I got some great ideas (that's at least my opinion).

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

England Travel Diary #7 - Mousehole, Land's End

Hello beatuiful people,
I know that I didn't upload anything in the last few days. (I mean I should know, right?) And I'm honestly very sorry about that. We've been in Mousehole (a cute little town next to Penszence) for three nights and actually we didn't have any access to the internet. There was nothing like McDonalds near so that I could go there and blog a little. Even though some of you might not agree and think I'm weird, I really enjoyed those days without internet. Let's just say they were a little less stressfull. But nevertheless I missed this blog like crazy and I was thinking about blogging so much, that I'm glad to be back today.

Okay, so after we left Exeter we went to this town called Mousehole. It's not that well known and in a book about it I read that it can be referred to as a town as well as a village. Even though it's not that popular there were many tourists and it was the first time here in England that somebody othe then my family members talked to us in german. I can highly recommend staying in Mousehole if you want to go to Land's End or to the sea. Also if you just want to have a nice holiday without that many people and shops it's perfect. I love just sitting at the small harbor in the sun and read my book.

On of of our days there we decided to go to Land's End and before you get your hopes up to high, I highly recommend you to not go there. Drive to a town near Land's End and take a little walk from there. We started our walk from Land's End and the first few minutes the paths were flooded by people. When we got out of the crowds we could finally see how pretty the cliffs were. It was amazing to look at the ocean, the cliffs and the flowers on them. Also I think it would be very nice to have a stop on thi cliffs and eat your lunch there. I mean honestly, how often can you eat lunch with this amazing view.

I'm sorry that this post wasn't really long, but I just wanted to write a little bit today even though I'm pretty exhausted from our long drive. Tomorrow I'll probably write the last post about my trip to England since we leave on the 1st of August. I really hope you likedit though.

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

Saturday, July 25, 2015

England Travel Diary #6 - Dartmoor, Exeter - Things I've noticed in Britain so far

Hello beautiful people,
first of all I want to apologize that I didn't upload anything yesterday. On the one hand there wasn't anything to write about since we were spent the whole time in our car, and on the other hand I was really exhausted beause of the last day and I went straight to bed as we reached our hotel. So I'm truly sorry.

Anyways; today we did one of our daytrips again. We are staying in a hotel in Exeter where we also went on a walk in the evening, but until noon we've been in the moor. The host from our last stay has marked some places we should go to and so we made our way to those stops. If you want to visit the Dartmoor though I'd advice you to search for the places on your own. We just followed a big street all through the moor and did some stops here and there. It's been absolutley amazing and we love just sitting in the nature enjoying our view. There were cows, sheeps and horses in the landscape as well as on the street. If you love the nature as much as I do then I would definatly plan a daytrip to the Dartmoor. It is really worth it.

Our longest stop was in Postbridge. They had some kind of event there but we didn't really know what. We took our sandwiches that we had bought in Moretonhampstead before, which was a small town where we also stopped. Anyways, we sat down at the really pretty bridge and ate our sandwiches and it was so great to just sit there with the great view.

We also went to Princetown for a little bit since we heard the story about the prison there. We thought it would be very interesting to visit the prison and so we went there. What we didn't know though was that the museum itself was really small and that they still had a real prison there. So mum and I rung that bell and went through a door into the prison asking for the museum. But that man at the counter told us that we were in the proper prison and not in the museum. Oops! Well after the incident we found the real museum. It didn't look that interesting though so we didn't actually visit it.

In the evening we had a little walk through Exeter. I like the old look of the town but there was just this big street with many shops and full of people, so that we soon decided to have some takeaway and eat it at the cathedral. I personally think that was probably the best decision and also the cheapest.
Afterwards we went to The Quay and had some drinks at the waterfront. That was a great end for our evening.

That was everything we did today. I want to talk to you about something else though and that is things that we noticed in the UK. Maybe the british people here have some answers for me.
The first thing is that the cars have a yellow number plate at the back and a white one in the front. Why's that? I've never seen such a thing before. In Germany we just have white number plates at the front as well as the back. I don't know why you need the yellow one. Maybe you do.
The second thing though has to do with bathrooms. So at many sinks there are two taps. One is for cold and the other one for hot water. If you turn on both the jets don't meet though. How are you supposed to wash your hand with warm water then? The hot water is to hand and I would burn my hand. Okay, maybe that's exaggerating, but it's really hot though.
Like I said these are two of the things I've noticed in Britain so far.

Okay, that is it for today. I'm hoping to get some answers from you and I also hop you enjoyed reading.

I'll talk to you soon,

Norina xx

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Endland Travel Diary #4 - New Forest, Stonehenge

Hello beautiful people,
so today's post will contain many pictures of horses. If you read on you will know why.

Bransgore lays in New Forest and so we had to go on a walk and actually see some landscape. Our original plan was to go to Bournemouth in the morning, but since our host told us about a nice walk we could take here we abandoned our old plan and drove to the place he told us about.

Right when we got there, there were horses and cows on the fields right next to the street. What was special though was that there was no fence to keep them away from us. Directly after parking the car I had to run to the horses and stroke them. Don't say I'm weird because I know for a fact that most of you would definatly have done the same.

After some time we decided that we should finally start our walk and should stop taking photos with the horses, so sadly I had to say goodbye to them. The walk was really prety. We walked through the forest and also through the heathland. One time we took a wrong path and ended in the woods. It wasn't that bad though since we got to see a little deer that was just standing there doing nothing. Unfortunatly though my camera decided to focus on the bushes instead of the deer and I only got that one photo since the deer ran away right after I took it.

As the walk came to an end we saw even more horses and I got into this mood again. You know, running to every horse, trying to stroke and talk to it. Okay, this sounds kind of weird but you'll probably know what I mean.

In the noon we drove to Salisbury, which is a gorgeous town with a wonderful cathedral. The entrance to the cathedral was actually free, but you have the chance to donate something. Also this year are a some really cool things to see there since it is the 800 year aniversary of the Magna Carta, which many o you probably hear of in history class. As you already got to know in my last post I really love old buildings so visiting this medievil town was just right for me.

Okay, so before this post gets to long I'll tell you about the last thing we did today. We visited Stongehenge. Yey! So the ones of you who've already been there will probably understand why I'm not that enthusiastic about it. Honestly, it was cool to see something that you've seen on so many pictures before in real life. But you weren't allowed to go near to the stones and had to keep your distance. Also the tickets were quite pricey. Even though it wasn't as great as I thought it'd be, it was an experience I don't want to miss and I think if you have the chance to go, you should definatly go see it.

Don't be shy and let me know about your experiences.
I'll talk to you soon,

Norina xx

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

England Travel Diary #3 - Portsmouth, Bransgore

Hello beautiful people,
today's blogpost will be a little shorter since we were mostly just driving to our new flat. On our trip we have 5 stops and we'll stay at each of them for two or three nights. Today's stop is Bransgore, a little town in New Forest near Bournemouth. Since we had a long time of driving ahead of us we decided to have a stop at Portsmouth.

In Portsmouth we just parked our car in a little car park directly at the historic dockyard. And that was also pretty much the only thing we visited. If you only want to walk around the area it is free, but if you actually want to go on deck of the ships it costs money. Since we didn't want to spend that much money we thought we should just have a walk atound. It was really interesting to see the old ships and to read a little about them. There wasn't that much elde to do though so that we decided to have a drink and some cake and just sit at the port fo a little while.

We still had about an hour of driving left before finally arriving at our flat, we decided to continue our trip and get to Bransgore in time. The place we are staying at is really nice. It is another place booked over at AirBnB and the man who owns this place was really polite and told us about all the things we could do here and where they have the best food and beer. For sure we went to the restaurant he recommended to us and even though it was a bit pricey all of us were satisfied. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the restaurant is The Three Tuns Inn and if you click on the name you will be directly leaded to their page. I can say that this was the perfect ending for our third day in England.

Sorry for this short post but I think tomorrows post may be a little longer again since we will be visiting Stonehenge. So be excited for tomorrow.

I will talk to you then,

Norina xx

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

England Travel Diary #2 - Brighton

Hello beautiful people,
since I've wanted to go to Brighton for a very long time now and we are have a flat in Hastings for two nights, I convinced my family on going there.

I woke up at about 8 o'clock since my room is on the sunny side and the curtains are made from a very transparent fabric. On the one hand I was a little grumpy because I could have slept about an hour longer until my alarm would have gone off. On the other hand though it was nice becaue I like waking up to the sun shining in my face and there are much worse ways to wake up.
Right after we had our breakfast we got in the car and started our way to Brighton.

If you think about going to Brighton by car then here's what we found in our guide book:
Park at the 'park and ride' at the Withdean Sports Complex and take the bus from the, it's number 27, I think. This bus will take you directly to Brighton and you don't have to worry about driving in a crowded town or finding a parking lot. That tip saved us plenty of time and also stress because I know how fast we can get bothered by driving in crowded cities.

Brighton itself was just as pretty as I had imagined it. Okay, truth to be told, it was even better than I had imagined. I couldn't stop smiling the whole day because I was so happy to be there.
First we went to the Brighon Pier, just because our bus stop was right next to it. There was music playing everywhere and so many people. We only had a little walk on the pier since we had other stuff on out to do list.

After a little time of walking into the wrong directions we finally found the Royal Pavillon. This is definatly a must-see. Even though we didn't go inside we had a great time in the park around it and also had a little picnic there, just enjoying the sun. And that was probably one of the best things today: It was warm and the sun was shining. That made everything much better.

As the time went by we had finished our little lunch in the park and went to the lanes. I was told by Rachel that the lanes are one of the places you should visit in Brighton and she was so right. So thank you for that tip.
The lanes is a part of Brighton with many old, little buildings. There are very cute shops and you can see something new, pretty or funny everywhere. I can't even expalin it really, but if you go to Brighton you should definatly go there and if you been there you prabably know what I mean.

For the end of our daytrip we went along the beach. There were musicians, bars and children playing at the beach. This wrapped up our perfect day in Brighton and I'm stil really happy that I've been there.

I hope to hear about you experiences in Brighton and will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

Monday, July 20, 2015

England Travel Diary #1 - Canterbury, Hastings

Hello beautiful people,
so after a very very long day I finally found the time to blog about today. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will probably know that I'm currently in England with my parents. We are doing a trip all around the south of England. This gave me the idea of doing a diary about our jouney. First of all this is a diary for me so that I can see what, where and when we saw or did something. But this is diary is also for you. If you like I'd like to take you with us on our trip through England and tell you about everything that happened to me. Maybe these posts will give you some inspiration or you just want to see some pictures of England. Whatever it is that kept you reading until this line, I really hope you enjoy this posts.

3 o'clock.... Yep, that's the time I had to wake up this morning. I know not that awesome, right. But the thing is that we had to leave our house at about 4 o'clock in order to get to the port at the right time. Since there were some problems in Calais, where we had originally booked our trip, we had to drive to Dunkirk and see which ferry we could take. Gladly, we were able to get on the next ferry so that we were in Dover at about 12 o'clock. (Okay,so I just realized that I was in different time zones. The 3 o'clock was German time and the 12 o'clock in England.)

After our arrival we first drove to Canterbury. I've been to this town once before but only for a few hours, so that I had begged my parents to go there with me.
Actually we didn't do any (real) sightseeing there. We walked a little in the centre and looked at some of the shops aand old buildings. Even though we were just walking and looking, I really enjoyed it. The town centre is really pretty and all the buildings are so old and beautiful. (Maybe you should know that I really love looking at different houses and especially old buildings interest me very much.)

The place we are staying at for the next two nights is in Hastings so that we drove there afterwards. We booked the flat over at airbnb so if you want me to write a more detailed post about ou experience with this then make sure to leave a comment. Also if you have ever traveled via airbnb or you are a member. This post is not sponsored though, this is just new for me and I'm excited to hear about you experiences.

Even though Hastings wasn't my first choice I really like it here. We kinda live on top of a hill and I can see the oceans from my window. What else do you want, I mean I love England and I love being at the ocean and now I got both thing combined. After taking a little nap we went down the hill into the old city right at the ocean. Even though it began to rain a little and was kind of cold we decided to go on a little walk before deciding where to eat. Everything here is so small and I think the flat we are in is the maybe the smallest one I've ever been in. But I like that and I don't think it is bad in any way.

Today hasn't been very eventful, so I didn't have many things to write about. Hopefully tomorrow we will do and see some more exciting things. Even though this post could have been longer I really hope you enjoyed reading it and that you now kind of know what my day looks like.

Tommorow I will hopefully upload a post about Brighton and also some more things about Hastings. I hope that you'll come back tomorow and that I didn't bore you.

I'll talk to you soon,

Norina xx

P.S.: I took all those photos myself so please don't use them and if you want to then message me.